Abstract submissions

Abstracts should be submitted 1 January 2017 – 30 April 2017. Abstracts submitted before 1 March will be accepted by 15 March as oral or poster presentation. Abstracts submitted in March will be accepted by 15 April. Abstracts submitted in April will be accepted by 15 May. Only if one of the authors has registered by 31 May, the presentation will be included in the schedule and the Abstract included in the Program.

Accepted abstract authors are invited to submit a full symposium paper of maximum 6 pages. Papers submitted by 31 May will be included on a USB key in the Program. A number of selected presenters will be invited by the Scientific Committee to submit a full-length manuscript for publication in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews or Solar Energy after referee review.

The Abstract should be submitted as a PDF or Word-file with the following standard: First a Title in Times New Roman 16 pt Bold. Next line empty. Next line author(s) name(s) and corresponding author’s email address in Times New Roman 12 pt Italic. Next line empty. Following lines the text in Times New Roman 12 pt; maximum 2500 characters incl. spaces. When an Abstract has been submitted, it will be assigned an Abstract Number which will notified the corresponding author by email. Afterwards, minor changes will be accepted.